Dera best diabetic footwear & insoles in Chennai

Diabetic  & Orthopedic Footwear

Proper footwear can minimize the risk of developing foot complications. People with diabetes should be aware of the importance of foot care.

While choosing the footwear, it is important to pay attention so that the footwear fits well and allows pressure to be distributed evenly throughout the foot.

We can provide Specialized and prescribed footwear with extra width and depth to deal with certain foot care needs.


    DERA Diabetic & Orthopedic footwear has been designed with

  • Super soft uppers
  • Soft interior padding
  • Easy to close Velcro
  • Softly padded heel counter
  • Slip-resistant outer sole
  • Comfort lining to protect sensitive feet from rubbing and injury
  • The back has a soft padded collar to protect the heel from abrasion
  • The cushioned insole has been designed to absorb impact
  • The extra width ensures that your toes are not cramped and have plenty of room to move

DERA Diabetic & Orthopedic footwear is a stylish, contemporary design, protection and comfort where you need it.

Every aspect of the footwear has been designed to ensure that it is not only a delight to wear but also to protect your feet throughout the day.

We have beautifully designed footwear that pampers and protects your feet.

We use high-quality material to get soft, comfortable and stylish footwear with protection.

Treat your feet with stylish and comfy therapeutic footwear.

We are committed to use innovative technology that offers versatile styles, sizes and widths for the people who are looking for fashionable diabetic footwear for women & men.

Regardless of your feet size, whether it is big or small, we have the best collection of diabetic and orthopaedic footwear in all styles and sizes. Start browsing now to find the right diabetic footwear that satisfies your fashion and comfort needs.

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